You want to become a member of the Gilde der Fantasy-Rollenspieler e. V. (Guild of Fantasy Roleplayers)? With this form you can apply for your membership!

In advance please also note our statutes and bylaws in which, among other things, the amount of the fee is determined. (German versions only)

Important hint: we only accept members who give us a SEPA mandate in order to collect the membership fees at the moment!

Even if we prefer the online registration in the form below, you can also find the membership application in PDF format here. (German version only)

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    The provision of telephone numbers is optional. We usually do not contact you by phone unless you explicitly requested it.

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    The specification of the regional representation is optional, voluntary and can be changed informally at any time.

    SEPA direct debit mandate

    The mandate reference will be communicated separately.


    • I/we can demand reimbursement of the debited amount within eight weeks, beginning with the debit date. The conditions agreed with my/our credit institution apply.
    • I must ensure that my/our account has sufficient funds and that changes of the bank details are notified to the payee by a new direct debit mandate no later than 15.12. of the previous year.
    • In the event of return debits due to lack of account coverage, incorrect or outdated account information or unjustified return debits, I shall bear the fees incurred by the payee as a result.
    • The SEPA direct debit mandate can only be submitted via this form for your own account. If the direct debits are to be made from another account, the mandate must be issued to us in writing by the account holder.


    If you have given us the SEPA direct debit mandate:

    The amount of the donation can be adjusted at any time up to 15.12. of the previous year.




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